Bridging the Dream college scholarships Winner| Kylie’s story | Sallie Mae

Bridging the Dream college scholarships Winner| Kylie’s story | Sallie Mae

I like being different I think that kind of like drew me to them in the first place then being very different and then once I was there I was hooked I just couldn’t get away and I don’t think I ever will I think I’ll always have a love for a llamas and when she was about I’d say five she came to me as a mini 4hr and said mom I would like to work with llamas and the first time out on Elaine’s farm she handed me a lead and a harness and said that little white one over there is going to be yours we needed to go catch it and harness it and probably got drugged down the road she would not let go of that lead literally we were going from one farm to the other and

I was afraid she was gonna quit she really really bonded with her llama it will do pretty much anything she asks of it so kylie is the kind of person that has earned her animals trust and you see that when they’re in the show ring whether it be her grades volleyball or 4-h any of the stuff she does she does it all out she hasn’t always had it easy her parents have had some difficult things in their lives that Kylie has to process and I think Kylie’s handled those difficulties in life so much better than many teenagers do I hope she can see some of the mistakes that we’ve made and hopefully not repeat them my parents have always been like at odds but they stayed married for the kids so it’s been like a tense environment and I think that’s been one of the biggest struggles because I love my parents and they do everything for me so feeling like I’d have to choose is hard for me because

I love them both so much that creates a guilt in her heart that she shouldn’t have but as far as her daily activities and grades she just keeps excelling I almost thinks that she turns that pain into more Drive she has proven to be a pretty fierce female as I like to call them whether that’s academics or athletics or extracurriculars we usually make seniors our captain’s on the team but Kylie was one of our juniors that showed a lot of leadership potential and so next year she’ll be stepping into that role she is a good leader and I think she likes to push her teammates and I appreciate that so much because I know I can count on her to make me better that’s Kylie she’s dedicated she’s driven she wants to do the best she can I’ve always had a connection with kids and like working with their different behaviors is a big deal even if they have a bad home life and like they’re not doing so well in school even if

I can like make their day better they’re gonna do better in school she’s very passionate about being with kids and teaching she actually started working in my first grade class the first year I taught she was in sixth grade so she was already seeing at the age of 13 how teachers organize things how they do the lesson plans how they grade how they interact with their kids being a teacher and going to college is what she’s dreaming of so being awarded the bridging the dream scholarship would be huge for Kylie I’ve really worked hard my whole life to be at the point I am now and I’m getting ready to really fulfill the dream that I’ve had for like so long Kylie has been nominated for what Sallie Mae runs not the bridge in the dream with llamas just the bridge in the dream scholarship right but guess

what Kylie you’re the winner of $25,000 [Applause] definitely the dream for me to be an elementary teacher is within reach now like it’s definitely there and like I feel like I can almost like grab it and send so excited what do I hope will do for Kylie give her encouragement and give her the chance to go wherever she wants to go it’s also fired her up for going through other college scholarships she’s telling me now that she wants to pay for school on her own even if I didn’t have any help at all I would still make my way there because that’s what I want to do I want to be an elementary teacher and that’s what I wanted to do for so long and I don’t think anyone could really stop me