Flower Mound student offered college scholarships to West Point

Flower Mound student offered college scholarships to West Point

well hello again this is Bob we’re with another video interview of people in the news in North Texas my special guest today John Sculley and his son John Sculley jr. you probably know John senior because you’ve seen him running marathons in flower mound while carrying the US flag on every 911 anniversary and on Veterans Day you may also know that John jr. the senior at flower mound high school was recently offered an opportunity to attend college scholarships west point military academy congratulations to both of you and thank you for being here thank you for mr. Scully would you please tell our viewers about your tradition of running a marathon each year well thanks Bobby I goes back to the original tragic events on September 11th in 2001 we were living in

New Jersey and at the time and every year I’ve run the Philadelphia half marathon and marathon and right after the the tragic events they decided to continue on with the with the race being a former volunteer firefighter and and and just feeling the the horrible sorrow for the families and the victims I chose to run with my large American flag at that Philadelphia half marathon and you know really as a way to pay tribute to all the victims and the gist of response that I got that day on the run you know really kind of inspired me to be able to do it every single year so we’ve we’ve moved to flower mound that probably six seven years ago and I’ve just chosen to honor

the victims and everybody for about the horrible day remember mine everybody would remind themselves about the victims and their families and so I continue to do it every year and now what was it like were you when you heard that your son was offered the opportunity to attend at West Point well the tremendous moment for my wife and I and for all of our family because you know John has worked so hard throughout his whole his whole life and especially the last five years is he’s really come to recognize basketball as an opportunity for him to really get himself to just a next step opportunity academically and so he’s put so much effort so much time in training basketball to really give himself this opportunity topic I’ve never had the the honor to serve in the military but you know over the last couple of years the mayor here in flower mound has asked me to to really put together a Veterans Day event to recognize our veterans and so

it’s really rather fortuitous that John has chosen this opportunity to attend West Point and a career in the military because of all the time we’ve put into recognizing veterans and trying to really spotlight opportunities for veterans it’s a it’s a fabulous school all of my research it’s one of the top in the nation Johnny how about you a lot please tell us why you wanted to attend west point of what it felt like when you will offer the opportunity it was amazing feeling it’s humbling I wanted to go west playing primarily to further my basketball career but also the education there is none come variable and the experiences just heard about great things from there and and so what are the qualifications to get into which point well for basketball it’s a little change in waited because of the imputed for basketball is different but you needed good a CT sht scores essays teacher recommendations right and do you have plans for military service career so after

I graduated five years I’ll be serving and then after that yeah after you come from West Point with it was in graduation from a school like that you could practically write your own ticket ah I understand that you recently took a tour of the Academy at West Point New York well it’s not like it was really great to see the gang life a cadet is see the routine cna eat lunch they’re just normal people is doing good things and serve in the country it’s in a big place says it’s pretty bidding the buildings are huge castle like really it’s around the Hudson River yeah young I’m from New York originally but never been to West Point it’s you know I lived in the new york city area in Long Island but that’s just about 40 miles upstate from New York City never been there but heard so much about it in addition to other accomplishments honey you’re also a member of the Obama high school jaguars basketball King Constantine dude we’re looking really good to see every young we have a lot of experience we have some good returners coming back it looks like it’s going to have a good year and what’s your position on the tango shooting guard shooting garden as for West Point tell us something about the commitment letter that you expect to be signing on November 15th so sign out there I’ll be committing to West Point for four years and then committing to

the army for the next five years after that well so that’s like a nine year that’s great mr. Scully will you be running this friday on Veterans Day yeah sure I mean this will be our third year it’ll be an all-day affair we started nine o’clock we wrap up around five and we go by every single elementary middle school high school in our town here in flower mound and this year we have approximately 30 runners well good majority and more veterans themselves and we’ll be running with with my flag that I’ve been running on 911 with and so it’s a great way to show our tribute in our respect for for our veterans and you know we’ve really found this a school the kids in school really get a kick out of seeing that flag go by and a great way of honoring you know all of our great veterans in the country and as I said it’s just really fortuitous that you know John is about to embark on on his journey on being both at West Point learning become an officer and then you know his five-year career in the army how long is that marathon so I the miles are all over 100 miles that will be it’ll be a real I every runner on average runs about two miles with a blank looks like this fried the weather will be a little cool but but you know the good for early sixties yeah leave out last year was rather windy so a little challenging to carry the flag in the wind but it should be great day

that’s great is there anything else that interview would like to add to this interview the opposing Mohamed say I’m very humbled and excited to go to West Point serve the sofa estate well and well yeah this this Friday is not just our veterans our veterans run in relay its we also it’s our first home game our first game of the season which will we’ll be at home and we ourselves are doing a veteran celebration on friday night we’ll be raising money for the local local chapter here the veterans funds so we’re excited to be able to do that so our game is at six thirty Friday night also army West Point opens up their season friday night there they have

the opportunity to play the number 5 team in the country at Oregon so so at all it’s going to be a very exciting day on Friday the veterans run our first fireman Jaguar basketball game and we’ll get to recognize veterans further and then of course the first RV West point game Friday night as well so big day big night wow that’s great well I really appreciate you guys coming over for this interview and I’m proud to meet you and and to you to think the commitment like that and for you to be carrying the plague the way you do when we need that so much right now in this country so I thank you so much for being a job thank you for enjoying a great look in your career and thank you for watching