How to apply for Canon Collins Masters college scholarships for Southern African Students

How to apply for Canon Collins Masters college scholarships for Southern African Students

[Music] hi this is after-school Africa opportunity review and in this episode we’re going to be talking about the canon collins trust scholarships for masters for southern africans who want to study in UK scholarship invites application from students from southern africa which include Angola Botswana Roseto Mozambique Namibia South Africa college scholarships Swaziland Zambia and of course Zimbabwe and this scholarship is only eligible for students who are willing to study in three UK universities which include the School of Oriental and African Studies University of Sussex and University of Edinburgh and as always causes that encourage development of your country upon finishing your study are given priority so

the canonical intro scholarship program in to help build the human resources necessary for economic social and cultural development in the southern African region so who is qualified to apply for the scholarship earlier on already mentioned the country’s one of the certain African countries then you are qualified to apply and also if you possess a minimum of second class or per degree or you’re about to still in the university and you are at the verge of graduating and also you should be applying for full time one year taught master’s cause at one of the approved universities you should have at least two years work experience in your relevant field of study so how do you apply which we start from the application page which gives you an outline of the requirements by the three universities which are quite similar for the schools so to apply click here and will be taken to the application page click select register and fill out the phone login to start up your application so to get started you create a start with create application

first you need to select the name of the application you’re applying for and then create it’s let’s if you watched our previous video on applying for submitting application form it’s pretty much similar to what you’re going to be seeing here turn it about you simply fill out your name and documentation and all the personal details save in closed page for section two talking about proposed costs of study and this is why I select your first-choice University you can select and then the title of course you want to select her to study and then you would specify if you have been offered admission into the university our what’s the nature of that effect select this and then your admission application ID you should have this if you have started of the process of gaining admission into the university in question if you want to see what you have viewed on was what part of the form is still left to be filled you can always go here to view missing data and

it will prompt you with the section that still needs to be filled and when you’re done with this or not you can always save close and come back later to complete in each segment of the application and then for the next segment section three or about your education sorry the current course of study then secondary education education if you largest secondary education same with university education and then we move on to about your financial circumstances are you employed now remember you expect it to have to be a minimum of two year work experience for this scholarship so you specify if you are currently employed and then what are your current what are you currently doing whatever the response is whether you have been employed employed specify what you are doing at your place of work and if you are not already employed then you should specify what you are doing currently and then have you applied to other organizations for funding for your study you specify describe your financial circumstances and why

you need the scholarship make it clear why you should be offered a scholarship instead of the other applicant and then this section is a very important one this is one that requires requires a lot of thinking from your part on your part your history your motivation and your ambition remember that how you say this is as important as what you say if not more important than watching what you say or what you write and on to documentation to upload your official ID employment referees you upload your academic reference employment reference or to employment references as the case may be and also you your degree certificates upload that and also your academic transcript additional documents to reasons P slips to prove that you are employed you can upload that here and also to prove that you don’t end enough to self fund your study in UK and then your refugee document if you a refugee status in an eligible

one of the eligible certain African countries the last part of it is your declaration most cases you read through and check and agree ensure you download your form before you submit here and save now remember something this scholarship is very particular about how you feel your application form are you demonstrated high standard of English with no spelling or language errors in your application that you answered all the questions and will attention to details so before you click this button the submit button save this section and go back to your application all the way from here and show that everything is in order if everything is fine and you satisfied with your application then go to section 7 and submit your completed application form and there we are if you get any questions you can always ask them on the comment comments section of this video keep watching after school Africa opportunity reviews subscribe to our YouTube channel and until next video have a great time [Music]