Meet Some Comcast Leaders and Achievers college scholarships Recipients from South Florida

Meet Some Comcast Leaders and Achievers college scholarships Recipients from South Florida

hi my name is Paul Pacino from Deerfield Beach High School I plan to it I plan to attend georgia institute of technology to earn a degree in aeronautical engineering i would like to thank comcast for awarding me the leaders and achievers scholarship there’s it makes funding a college education more obtainable for me it also helps me find a degree in one of the top engineering schools in the nation good night my name is Rafa Batista senior pembroke pines charter college scholarships haven’t quite decided yet where I’m going to college but pretty sure it’s going to be between university of miami and florida state university focus re political science and international relations for the past two years I’ve been senior class president national honor society president as well as leaving an organization down here in South Florida to advocate for extreme poverty and

the eradication of hiv/aids and other preventable diseases well send a special thank-you to my mom and dad braced advisor Tracy Greenbaum I principal Peter bear most importantly to comcast giving me the leaders and achievers scholarship thank you hi my name is Rhys and Juarez and I’m a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in parkland Florida and the comcast senior leaders and achievers award recipient for my school for next year I’m still not sure where I’m going to college but I’m deciding between the University of Texas at Austin the University of Illinois the University of Georgia the University of Central Florida Syracuse

University the new high school and the University of Wisconsin I’m planning on studying broadcast journalism have been accepted into most of the broadcast journalism schools and most of those universities I’ve been involved with friar t news for the past four years which is the only team produce a new show running on public television today I have gained so much real-world experience from BTN and learn so many things that will help me when I hopefully go on to being a news reporter or anchor for national news network I’ve also attended countless workshops and conventions such as the student television news convention I attended this march in california where i met with professionals and learned so many skills that will help me as I go on later in life I’m so thankful to be given a scholarship from comcast as it is helping me reach my monetary goals for college college is really expensive these days as everyone knows every

little bit counts and I just really wanted to think comcast for giving this opportunity and it has recognized my leadership and community efforts over the past four years I’m very thankful to represent broward county at the broward county association of student councils president for this past school year I was also awarded one of three outstanding senior leader awards which represents for our county as the outstanding senior leader for that school year and as broward counties the fifth largest school district in the nation I’m honored to be given this award I would really like to thank mr. Ralph Roberts whose lifelong dedication and service has really made this scholarship possible I hope this video has given you a little piece of who I am and what I like to do and I wish the Florida legislators a great legislative side my name is Elizabeth hi and no I am NOT Arish to the hyatt hotel empire but it would be nice though as an incoming

college freshman I’m all too aware of the of the burdens of college and affording it which is why I’m truly grateful for the compact leaders and achievers scholarship and for investing in my future I will be attending the University of Florida next fall where I will be majoring in political science and minoring in the Arabic language so i can you just like you a leader of tomorrow hi my name is Justin taeyang and I go to south where at high school I found ending University of Miami and major international Fraser relations I want to become a diplomat and like the saying goes everyone can make a difference but ty make that difference is what’s important so I’d like to thank you comcast for making my difference by granting me the scholarship thank you

my name is maria de rigueur al and I’m a leader in achiever from whence I highly a senior high in hialeah florida i have a 17 and i’m going to attend Florida International University in the fall to pursue a career in law it has long been my dream to help the working class have their needs met by the government this scholarship will assist me in this mission by giving me the opportunity to further advance my studies without this assistance my dream would be very go to accomplish and so I think you can tell quiet are we to do big hi my name is Stephanie do and I currently attend MacArthur High School in the summer i will be attending the University of Florida to be Gator I will be majoring in elementary education with the concentration on special education I just want to thank comcast rewarding me the leaders and achievers scholarship I truly feel honored thank you so much