The college scholarships Experience from a Student Athlete Perspective

The college scholarships Experience from a Student Athlete Perspective

hey what’s up everybody J shockblast here and today’s an exciting day we are going to go ahead and take a look at adding rosters actual real rosters to NCAA football 2013 I know the game has been out for a week now but obviously there was over 100 NCAA teams to add rosters to so the folks that have been putting these together have been really hard at work doing it I do want to make sure I explain that I have absolutely nothing to do with the making of these rosters I am just trying to spread the word on a really great group of hard-working people over at operation Sports they the names that you see in the description are the people that are college scholarships responsible for making these so don’t thank me thank them again I’m just the messenger I did a video like this last year and yeah I feel like it really helped people that we’re looking for

really good rosters for their teams and obviously since these are amateur athletes the NCAA doesn’t authorize EA to use the real actual names so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go down to team management and we’re going to go over to roster share now this is really pretty important because last year people would send me messages asking if they could add me as a friend on Xbox Live so they could download the rosters and you don’t have to when you go in to download roster you’re obviously going to see that you know it’s going to list all the people on your Xbox Live list now this can be a little bit confusing because it does show you you know all your friends and everything blah blah blah blah blah so I can go up and down the list I can go to Wally and say hey you know I want to download your roster obviously

he doesn’t have one so it’s going to say that it failed but right there with at the top where you start we just exit out let’s try this again right at the top where you start right when you go in you’re going to see it actually says download roster now it can look like this is just a you know a menu option but if you actually just hit a on download roster gives you the option to enter a gamertag now there’s a lot of people that have worked hard on this and they’re all going to be uploading the rosters and I’m going to put all the four main people’s names in the description because I am going to upload their roster to my locker so you can use my hammer tag too but I’m not I’m probably not going to update these throughout the year and I’m sure that they will because these guys have taken the time to go through and actually get absolutely everything right right down to the socks that each individual player wears excuse me so they kudos to them I’m going to link operation sports in the description as well they take donations you don’t have to donate in order to download their rosters but they I’m sure they appreciate it I made sure to donate for

my usage both last year and this year this year i donated 6 dollars and 66 cents because quite frankly i thought it was going to be hilarious so i’m going to go with carson here and it’s going to ask me if i want to download it and just like that downloading roster a lot of people have been waiting for that so enter a new roster name file so i’m going to go ahead and i’m going to name it what should be raishin my controller is just going crazy here so I’m going to call it operation sports because they made it I didn’t I don’t want to claim any credit for this whatsoever another really great roster maker that I don’t know if his roster is available yet but if you go in I hate it when these companies mess around with the buttons you have to press to go backwards and capitals and everything if you enter Fairdale Kings you know he’s definitely one of the other people that I think puts out really great rosters I don’t think is already had I’ve been trying to follow him and see what he’s up to but we’ll just see it’ll tell me right now yeah so his aren’t up yet but obviously

this video isn’t only going to be good for today tomorrow the next day it’s going to pretty much be good for a while I know I still get comments on last year’s roster video that I made you know even within the last week or two so you know those are definitely two great rosters that you can download again I’ll have all five screen names the four from operation sports and of course burial kings in the description definitely check them out if you appreciate their work you know maybe throw them a dollar or two just keep up the good work so let’s go ahead and check out the rosters here let’s see we’re going to edit roster on imagine it would load it yep so here we go I am somehow a Tennessee Volunteers fan they are the only button on Boston sports team that I root for I my dad was a Marine I grew up all over the place up until the age of 12 and the last stop that we made was in Millington Tennessee in the days of Heath Shuler so

all my little friends were Tennessee fans so obviously I became a Tennessee fan I don’t really know who is supposed to be good this year I’d imagine Alabama like every other year but all these rosters are like legitimately 100% complete they’ve gone through and they’ve altered the different you know settings for each player they’ve tried to make them what they think is accurate they like I said gone through and and really right down to the nitty gritty and tried to make sure that you know absolutely every possible minor detail is is absolutely perfect so top-rated player is Matt Barkley USC you know manti te’o I promise as Damron but you’ll obviously let me know yeah so this is a really awesome stuff I definitely can’t thank those guys enough for all their hard work and I am I’ve been putting off starting my franchise because obviously I was waiting for you know the real rosters and here they are so hopefully this video is informative for you I used to live in Jacksonville Beach Florida yeah so hopefully this video is informative for you and

I hope you have a good time and enjoy the rosters thanks again to all the guys operation sports Carson 3ck 11 NS you play at 84 and Rayven 304 those guys did a fantastic job as always and I’m definitely looking forward to going through here and you know it’s funny I think I’m actually going to play as the University of Massachusetts just because excuse me just because there’s an achievement for winning the national championship in your first year so that’ll probably be who I go with I don’t play in other seasons how to see that’s usually who I end up playing with but I don’t know it’s hard to tar the root form these days because they’re so bad but it’s one of those things about being a fan good times bad so alright hopefully this was informative for you you know good luck with your garages and enjoy