Toronto art student receives over $2M in college scholarships

Toronto art student receives over $2M in college scholarships

welcome back a grade 12 student in Toronto has been offered more than two million dollars in scholarships from schools in Canada the US and the UK Rachel burns is a graduating student at the Etobicoke School of the Arts and she joins me now in studio with her art teacher Matthew berry thanks for joining us you guys thank you congratulations by the way incredibly successful to be wanted by so many people who gave you the biggest offer I would say Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design what’s their offer one hundred and forty six thousand dollars u.s. Wow okay Wendy started coming in what were you thinking you go through ways of like disbelief excitement and then you get struck with the reality of how much it actually costs to go to

these schools and you’ll have to make a decision oh my gosh yes by May first for a majority okay so very soon yes so I still have not decided and we’re still yet in the process of figuring out what’s right okay we’ll talk about that in a moment Matthew what did you think of her success when you found out how many college scholarships she’d been offered to this happen a lot well we started last year we had one student receive over a million dollars in offers and so we built upon what that student had done we had no idea I mean we joked I think a couple of times about getting to the two million mark but to have it actually become a reality and then just surpass that it’s quite astounding and as Rachel keeps saying we’re still processing what’s happening it’s hard to believe there are so many great art schools I’m sure and programs in

this country and in the u.s. are you pulled one way or another I’m I’m I’m not I’m still open to everyone like it’s it’s overwhelming to see how much attention our school is beginning and how many how much attention all the students in our class are getting from all the these places it’s not just me it’s so many others have been applying to these closets yeah because you’re so humble and I can tell that right away yeah I’m gonna ask Matthew about her work what what do you think sets her work apart and has made her obviously so promising that people want to take her take her in well there’s a maturity to Rachel’s work that I think is appreciated by people all over the world and Rachel works in a certain process that is very contemporary

it’s sort of of the moment in the art world right now and so it’s recognized not just by this schools and art galleries but by collectors as well now all over the world to appreciate and understand what Rachel’s doing and and how it connects to all the other things that are going on seeing the art world and in the gallery world right can you tell me a bit more about that for those of us who are novices well currently I have a solo exhibition at General Hardware contemporary at downtown on Queen and it’s the the owner approached me after a portfolio day and she wants to talk to me about my work and I explained to her all the connections I’ve made throughout my work and how it connects to the world and how I Who am I in this world give me an idea of how it connects to the world oh like in with the light that I often use graphite in the drawings I use and and I talk about how we interact with ourselves and how we interact with the universe and how small yet how big we are with the small impact we make on things it’s a transfer of energy so

it’s really about how we all enter interact with each other and and influence each other what’s your family what are your parents inking about this oh they’re overwhelmed as well they’re they’re so supportive into all these options and what’s right for me and and yeah it’s okay so you’ve said you guys have been having conversations about what is right and where you would like to go in and are you gonna pursue one kind of art over another or are you hoping to pursue sort of a different range of artistic practice I’m hoping for an interdisciplinary okay in which I can work in different mediums often I I let my ideas influence what medium I use so it’d be great to go into a program that supports that type of thinking okay and are you leading any which way for for her no well we’ve talked about different options for sure and everything has advantages and disadvantages and so we’ll really you know we’re waiting this week just before

we came tonight we’re emailing and funny different schools for different people too so it’s an ongoing process yeah and there’ll be lots of action before Monday in terms of the relationships with the schools and the different students when you have a student who’s so successful at such a young age you must really look forward to the start of the next few years down the line after they’ve completed that round of education yeah very much so we’ve been around just long enough to see some of our students graduate and go out into the art world and and work with galleries all over the world and have success I was really exciting time say what do you

foresee for this young woman I think for Rachael and for a great number of the grade 12 this year that the opportunities are endless I think the success will be astronomical for sure all right especially with us supporting each other look and hoping to continue doing that yeah well congratulations it’s a wonderful thing to hear and it’s great to have those choices right yeah that’s important good luck make babies I don’t wanna I blended you so many at one time okay Rachael and Matthew thank you so much freakin job thank you