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Wyoming Colleges

Wyoming’s Schools

Even though Wyoming is a sparsely populated state, there are actually a dozen universities and colleges located inside the state, and for the most part they are spread out so that everyone can receive a good, local education. Cheyenne covers the county of Laramie, and contains a good number of tech and community colleges, as it is the largest city in the state. In addition, that county is the location for the University of Wyoming which is the largest school and the state’s only public four-year college. Prospective students looking for a four-year degree in Wyoming, this is your school.

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As the only public 4-year institutions in the state, Wyoming is the go-to college for any in-state student seeking to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The University of Wyoming is ranked well nationally according to the U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings. At #169 among national universities, it offers great value for a great education as well. The school also ranks well in several different areas. It is tied for #127 among the “Best Engineering schools”, #153 among the “Best Education Schools”, #76 in Economics, #42 in Earth Sciences and #56 in Pharmacy. Despite being the largest four-year institution in the state, the University of Wyoming, established in 1886, has fewer than 13,000 students.

There are good number of two year colleges in virtually every county in the state. This allows everyone in the state to have easier access to postsecondary education. In total, there are eight community colleges in the state, including Casper College, Central Wyoming College, Eastern Wyoming College, Laramie County Community College, Northwest College, Sheridan College and Western Wyoming Community College. There is also one tribal college, serving the state’s American Indian population. This college, Wind River Tribal College, is located in Fort Washakie.

In the center of Wyoming, resides the city of Casper which is second only to Cheyenne in population, it is home to Central Wyoming Colleges and Casper College, so it also a college town and destination for higher learning.

There are two for-profit institutions within the state as well. Wyoming Technical Institute (known as WyoTech) is one of the larger colleges in the state. WyoTech has the most imbalanced male-to-female ratio in the state, at 97% male, 3% female. The other for-profit school, the University of Phoenix, is relatively small in comparison, with under 100 students across the state.

There is one religious-based college in the state, Wyoming Catholic College. This college offers four-year Bachelor’s degrees. However, due to the newness of the college, it has yet to receive full accreditation. The college received Institutional Pre Accreditation status in 2010. As of 2015, there were around 150 students enrolled.

There are good number of 2 year colleges in virtually every county and they are well spaced out, again, so that everyone in the state has proximity to a community college, from the east of the state to the north.

In the center of Wyoming, resides the city of Casper which is second only to Cheyenne in population, it is home to Central Wyoming Colleges and Casper College, so it also a college town and destination for higher learning.

Traditional Colleges in Wyoming

University of Wyoming

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Wyoming Community Colleges

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Casper College

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Central Wyoming College

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Laramie County Community College

Northwest College

Sheridan College

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Western Wyoming Community College

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Institute of Business and Medical Careers

University of Phoenix

Online Colleges In Wyoming

The best university in the state for online degree programs is the University of Wyoming. Thankfully for prospective students, the University of Wyoming is also the most affordable in the state, offering per-credit courses at $113 a credit, or a very low in-state tuition rate of $2,712. Prospective students interested in the University of Wyoming’s online programs will find that courses are offering through the school’s online system, and managed through the Canvas learning management system. There are several programs available within the university’s online system. These include eight Bachelor’s degree programs, 12 Master’s degree programs, three Doctoral degree programs and 15 certificate programs. While many of the programs across the degree levels are education related, there are several more unique programs available.

Among the Bachelor’s degree programs available at the University of Wyoming are Applied Science, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Family and Consumer Sciences, Nursing, Psychology and Social Science. Among the Master’s degree programs, prospective students will find Education degrees for Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology, Special Education, Adult and Post-Secondary Educational Administration, K-12 Educational Leadership, English, Executive Master’s in Business Administration, Family and Consumer Sciences, Kinesiology and Health, Nursing Education, Public Administration and Speech-Language Pathology. Among the Doctoral degrees, students will find Adult and Post-Secondary Educational Administration, K-12 Educational Leadership and Nursing Practice. The certificate programs include some unique endorsements, such as Teachers of American Indian Children and Play Therapy.

There are 10 accredited colleges and universities in the state total (including one that is not monitored by the U.S. Department of Education) that provide some form of online degree programs. Students should be aware that the University of Wyoming provides the most secure option with the largest number of degrees, and with the least expensive price tag.