Online Degree Programs: Which Will Launch Your Career?

Online Degree Programs: Which Will Launch Your Career?

Online Degree Programs

Some people feel a bit of anxiety when planning to start any online degree programs.  You’ll probably have to pay quite a bit out of pocket and may even go into debt.  What happens if after all that time, money, and effort, you don’t launch into a fulfilling, lucrative career?

Online Degree Programs List

It’s a good idea to know which programs can launch you into that better life by teaching highly-marketable skills.  Here are some of the best:

Business Programs

Marketing & Public Relations (PR)– This is a more diverse field than many people realize: it’s not just another way of saying “advertising.” Marketing is a career that involves an understanding of human psychology, the skill of conducting research, managing or working in teams, and thinking creatively.  A background in marketing can prove versatile in business careers, and in the future, knowing how to target customers is only going to become more complex and in higher demand.

Human Resource Management- We’re increasingly living in a world in which CEOs of lean, dynamic companies are finely curating small cohorts of talented people who mesh into one great team.  That makes human resource managers valuable, sought-after, and possessed of a comfortable salary.

Healthcare Administration- While this is a highly-focused online bachelor’s degree, it is a business discipline.  And as we all know, everyone is scrambling to figure out how to offer efficient healthcare.

Supply Chain Management- Here’s another field that is complex and becoming more so with each passing year.  This career is all about sourcing raw materials or products, then figuring out how to get them from Point A to Point B.  You can expect a nice career with an annual salary in the $75,000 range.

Other online business programs that can help boost your salary and career options are Finance, Economics, and Accounting, as well as Business Administration.

Information Tech Programs

Cybersecurity- There’s no denying the seriousness of cyber threats that businesses, organizations, and individuals face.  No one can afford catastrophes that will result from hacking.  Therefore, computer experts who understand the language of hacking, protocols for identifying threats, and how to stop them, can market their skills at a high rate.  Your earnings should launch into the six figures with this specialty.

Software development- This field is continuing to grow, with no signs of slowing down.  Being able to code, envision, and engineer software for any variety of needs will be a very marketable skill for years to come.  Online degrees in this discipline will lead you toward a six-figure income.

Other IT online degrees to develop your career include Database Management and Game Design.

Other Valuable Programs

Statistician- This one isn’t obvious, but it’s reliable as a way to guarantee employment and a good salary.  A statistician develops the means of collecting and gathering data, and today, everyone is looking for data to run their organizations.  Many government jobs are available in this field.  A bachelor’s degree will be your gateway to a career, but a master’s degree will be very valuable too.

Sports Management- This widely-offered online degree allows more career options than you might think.  Sports management isn’t just being a player agent but can include the design of venues, event planning, and player development.  Job prospects and salary are both good.

Solar Technology Installation- This field is anything but a glorified roofer, and that’s why online programs teach the necessary skills.  Practitioners need to have a clear understanding of the principles behind and workings of solar tech and of electrical systems.  The entry level positions might not be high paying, but this field will give you a career and not just a job.

Anything health related- It will come as no surprise that if you enter into a health field, you’ll find yourself with great career prospects. Not only is this a field that is always perpetuated, but it is getting more specialized and in need of more hands on deck.  Here are some great online degrees in the health field:

  • Physician’s Assistant
  • X-ray Technician
  • Home Healthcare Aide
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Genetic Counseling

Most of the degrees with highlighted are bachelor’s degrees, though some may have associate’s degrees, and some may be available on the master’s level.

Some associate’s degrees that can improve your career life are: web design, nursing, network technologies, Content writing and paralegal studies.  Master’s degrees available online include nurse anesthesia, data science, and economics.

Once you figure out your interests, research programs in depth and then find online colleges and online degrees that are worth the time and money.