Seven “Must Know” Things for Online Degree Seekers

Seven “Must Know” Things for Online Degree Seekers

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Are you an adult who wants to earn a degree via online education? If so, you must remember the following.

1. Do not ever rule out an institution because of its list price. Financial aid is available to adult students who qualify.

2. Before you take the leap to enrolling in an online degree program, be certain that the important people in your life fully understand
that, although you can study from almost any location and at any hour, you will need some quiet time.

3. Find a quiet, comfortable place to study. It can be in your home, at your place of work, or in a library.

4. Once you get started, do your best to schedule your study time and stick to your schedule. Good time management and a disciplined approach to your education are important to your success.

5. You are almost certain to be a better student as an adult than you were as an adolescent. Do not be afraid of being too old to return to school.

6. Shop for a degree program as you would shop for any other important product or service. Be a thoughtful consumer.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to list a degree in progress on your resume, and it is almost always to your advantage to do so.

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