The Essay that Got Me a $5,000 college scholarships

The Essay that Got Me a $5,000 college scholarships

what’s up scholars welcome back to my channel I hope that all of you are enjoying your day thus far if you are new to my channel welcome my name is alotta mcaddie and I am a scholarship expert and the founder of mcaddie scholars so if you are currently a student then I am 99.9% sure that at some point in your life someone has encouraged you  to apply for college scholarships whether that be a parent teacher or mentor at some point you have been told to go online and find scholarships to apply for why because if you invest time into this activity

you can possibly earn money that you never have to pay back someone is essentially giving you money to put towards your education now although all of that sounds great there is one common requirement that almost always scares people away and you have probably already guessed what that requirement is a aside from the fact that the title yes the essay section a lot of people are intimidated by the scholarship process simply because of the essay section a lot of times students count themselves out because they don’t think that they’re a strong writer they don’t like to write period or they don’t think they have anything to write about but the truth is

you don’t have to be JK Rowling you can literally be you and that be enough so I decided to pull out one of my winning essays and read it to you all I submitted this as safe for a media scholarship and I won 5,000 bucks so this scholarship in particular asked me to discuss my personal qualifications my professional ambitions as well as why I think I a good candidate for their scholarship here we go throughout my academic career I have developed into a well-rounded young woman that aspires to reach my full potential my willingness to give up time for the improvement of myself and others is one of my greatest attributes the constant drive I have for self-improvement intensifies my willingness to better myself and overcome any foreseen or unforeseen barriers

my strong academic ability throughout all classes proves my maturity and perseverance to tackle any obstacle if my performance fails to meet my own expectations it does not discourage me but bolsters me to only work harder I always try to prioritize my time wisely and focus my energy on what’s important in life although I have encountered numerous hardships throughout my journey I continue to possess a positive attitude and encourage the people around me to do the same I am the most qualified student to receive this reward because I exhibit exemplary leadership and communication skills I am always eager to learn something new in order to maximize the success of any organization I am affiliated with expanding student engagement on my college campus through different leadership roles is what I do best as the vice-president of lambda Sigma National Honor Society for college sophomores and board member of the woman empowerment Network I have played an instrumental role in helping to shape a diverse and interactive student community their strategic planning effective advertising and coordinating creative student activities

I consistently combine my solid work ethic positive attitude and creative abilities to produce and deliver professional thoughtful work and every task I’m given I believe that my intelligence assertiveness high level of motivation and particular interests in areas such as cultural diversity our characteristics that speak to the mission of your organization my professional aspirations and personal ambitions intersect at the field of broadcast journalism I strongly believe that my academic plan will equip me with the tools to verify analyze and assess information and events that affect people around the world I am confident that my highly developed insight attention to detail resourcefulness and overall positivity will set me apart as a strong candidate for this prestigious opportunity thank you for your time and consideration signed

a lot of Makati looking back on this essay I think that I could have definitely improved in certain areas I definitely think that I could have expanded on my professional aspirations I think that I could have maybe backed up my qualifications a little more but aside from that those are pretty good essay and I think I sold myself pretty well so there you have it if you haven’t subscribed please be sure to click that red button down below to get the latest news on scholarships student debt and so so so much more until next time scholars I’m off be sure to subscribe and oh here’s where you can find more of me [Music]