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Overview- Who We Are and How We Can Help You

Other Higher Education and Online Education Information
If you spend a few minutes exploring the site, you’ll find advice, articles, and information on HBCU’s (historically black colleges and universities), colleges for women, Christian colleges and universities, Catholic colleges, colleges with specialized programs for students with learning disabilities, community colleges, and career colleges. We’ll even provide you with full college contact information, information request forms, and online applications.

Want to calculate your GPA in seconds? We have the fastest, easiest online GPA calculator you’ll find anywhere. Students, teachers, counselors, and academic advisors have made our online GPA calculator the most visited page on the site. In addition, we have scoured the web in order to offer you links to the 100 best education links we could find.
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We are a team of veteran professional educators who have developed this and other websites to make it as easy as possible for students of all ages to pursue post secondary education. To achieve that goal, we have spent years gathering information on more than 2,000 career schools, traditional colleges, career colleges, Christian colleges, graduate schools, and other educational institutions where you can earn a classroom based or online degree.

Our goal is to help you quickly and easily find and learn more about the traditional colleges, online colleges, career schools and/or graduate schools which best meet your individual educational needs.
Traditional and Online College Selection- Getting Started
There are several ways you can begin exploring your higher education options. The fastest way is to use one of our search boxes to quickly match yourself to schools or colleges meeting your preferences and requirements. You’ll find at least one search box…some people call them widgets… near the top or bottom of almost every page. There are three or four different kinds of search boxes. We suggest that you give them all a try and that you request information from at least three or four colleges. Or, you can begin the college selection process by using our college comparison data base.

You can also get started by going to our state search box and clicking on the state(s) of your choice. You’ll then be taken to a list of virtually all of the traditional colleges, career schools, career colleges, and online colleges and universities in the state(s) you have selected.
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Nearly all students, both those of traditional age and adults returning to college, are concerned with financing their education. We’ll show you 50 sites which allow you to search for scholarships worth billions of dollars; we’ll define sometimes unfamiliar financial aid terms clearly for you; we’ll offer you tips on writing scholarship essays, and we will give you a link to the Free Federal Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) used by virtually every college and university in the United States.

Please Write to us, Visit often, and Recommend this Site to your friends
Our team loves feedback from the students, parents, and educators who visit this site. You can use our contact form to make comments, offer constructive criticism, ask questions, or offer suggestions. We hope you will recommend this site to both your online and offline friends. You’ll find social media buttons at the top of the page. Please visit with us often.  We regularly add new pages, and we try to publish at least one interesting and helpful blog post each week.
Career School and College information
If you are interested in attending a career school or a career college, you are in the right place. In just a few minutes you can find dozens of institutions which can prepare you for virtually any career you choose. And if you are still trying to decide on a career path, be sure to check out our two info-graphics; one on the earning power of people who complete post secondary education programs  and the other on the ten highest paying careers (some may surprise you).
We’ll familiarize you with basic financial aid terms, give you links to more than 60 free college scholarship search sites, and provide you with all the information you will need to navigate the college selection and financial aid processes successfully.

Whether you are a college-bound high school student, a parent, a college student thinking about graduate school, a working adult investigating online colleges, or an educator trying to counsel a student, we are confident you will find a lot of useful information here.

If you are interested in earning an accredited on-campus or online degree, try the search box below.
It's quick, it's easy, and all information is absolutely free.
Let us help you find the educational programs which best meet your needs.

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