Great Online Degrees for Career Advancement

Great Online Degrees for Career Advancement

Top Five Online Degrees for Career Advancement

Earning a campus-based college degree is not a commitment that everyone can make, for a variety of reasons which may include family obligations, your distance from an institution offering the degree you, your work schedule, or other commitments. Quite simply, for some folks, adding responsibilities of any kind may not be feasible. This is especially true when you must travel to attend class. It is sometimes for these reasons that so many decide to go into vocations and trades which require less time and less money for education and/or training. While vocational training can prepare people for great careers, you should know that there are online degree programs which eliminate most of the obstacles of earning a degree in a professional field. In fact, you can now earn a two-year, four-year, or graduate degree in nearly any field.

In fact, you can see how many degree options you have by using the “Quick Online Degree Finder” on almost every page of this website.

No matter what your life may look like, online degree programs can be the answer to advancing in your career or moving into an entirely new one. Whether you are continuing in your field or beginning anew, there are a wide variety of programs out there suitable to help you reach your established goals. If you are considering this option, you are likely curious as to which programs are the most promising in terms of available jobs, advancement potential, flexibility, and earnings.

We did some research to help you think about which degree programs might best help you reach your professional, lifestyle, and financial goals.

Here is what we found…the five online degree programs for career enhancement. We hope at least one appeals to you.

Business Administration

Business administration has long been an outstanding degree choice for many; outstanding because of the wide range of career opportunities for which it may prepare you. However, while business administration sounds like a general topic of study, students will, at some point, probably need to decide on a specific area on which to focus. Options (or concentrations, as they are often called) include information technology, finance, accounting, project management, banking, real estate, investments, entrepreneurship, non-profit management, advertising, marketing, human resources, and more. Of course, business administration majors will also learn all about the core fundamentals of business, setting them up for optimal success in their business or someone else’s.

Students may also learn how to handle a variety of activities in case study scenarios which include raising investment capital, strategic management, leadership and problem-solving, developing business plans and loan applications, revenue projection, and more. If you dream of getting into the business world but find yourself short of time, we strongly suggest considering an online business administration degree. BS degrees in business can be a great choice. And MBA degrees can be especially valuable, especially since they can be earned relatively quickly, even if business was not your undergraduate major.


While it might surprise some people, nursing is a solid online degree to pursue for several reasons. For starters, a nursing career is typically an excellent paying one. While the student must also complete supervised clinical tasks to get that necessary hands-on experience, it is very doable, and much can be learned online. The advancement of technology has lent itself to improvements and innovations in what can truly be learned at a distance. With your academics being managed online, all in one place, you can successfully work toward a career within the nursing field, as many folks have.

With so many different medical offices and institutions out there, your options as a degreed nurse are wide open as far as the geographic locations, settings and specialties. In fact, in some places, specially trained nurses can run their own medical facilities and/or practices. From infants to seniors, there will always be a demand for talented healthcare providers. If you are a compassionate and nurturing person, nursing might be a great profession for you, and it is a profession for which you can prepare online, as your schedule allows.

Network Technology

Where better to learn about computers than on a computer? All jokes aside, a career in network technology is readily achievable with an online degree program. For those who do not consider themselves highly technical, this career path is not as high tech or complicated it may sound. It essentially involves the repair, maintenance, configuration, routing, and management of computer systems. Practically every business, educational institution, and non-profit organization in the world relies on the skills of a network technician for tech-related support, education, and design, so there are jobs everywhere. And, best of all, the field appears to be growing rapidly.


Are you an influencer or trend-setter? Do you often assist and/or inspire others in their decision making? If so, marketing is an excellent field one can pursue via the online education route. From market analysis to promotional strategy, communications, and product management, the marketing function is critical because effective marketing generates growth and revenue. Among the chief benefits of being in marketing include the ability to be creative, the opportunity for travel, the high probability of financial reward, and the likelihood of being involved in organizational decision making (including product or service development).

Database Management

It is no secret that our world is heavily reliant on technology. That is exactly why you cannot go wrong with a database management degree. Not only is it an exciting and fast-moving industry, but it also pays well and has plenty of room for advancement. With such advanced computer technology, you don’t have to be a genius to do well in this position either, although some technical talent can certainly be an asset.

Overall, the database management degree opens you up to careers that are focused on improving the effectiveness of a company’s database. One such position…data base manager… is that of a database administrator who can earn close to 100K. More advanced tasks involve designing the database itself, as well as optimizing data storage systems. This is a great profession, and you can earn the degree necessary to open the door for you to enter it without leaving home.

Enhancing Your Life by Advancing Your Career

While it may be both a challenge and a commitment, getting an online degree that helps your career will ultimately better your life in every way. Online degrees can be a pathway for increased career advancement opportunities, higher job satisfaction, increased earnings, and an increase in self-esteem. When exploring your options, you will likely find yourself surprised at the diversity of options, as well as the ease and flexibility of online courses and programs. In the end, a busy schedule should not prevent you from meeting your goals. In fact, that is ultimately why online degree programs exist; to provide ambitious, career-oriented working adults with the opportunity to make great leaps forward without conflicting with their professional and family obligations.