Nursing Programs Outlook

There are few career paths which offer better salaries and more opportunities than nursing. In fact, the future is exceptionally bright for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Data from the United States Department of Labor and other sources predict that the number of available nursing positions will increase by nearly 20% each and every year…that’s tremendous growth… for at least the next 7 years. Equally good news is the fact that the projected growth in jobs will occur throughout the country, so nurses can live anywhere they choose and relocate whenever they wish without worrying about finding work.

Among the primary factors fueling the rapid growth in nursing jobs are our aging population (principally the baby boomers), the fact that people now live significantly longer lives, and the increase in chronic maladies like obesity and diabetes. As a result, the United States will need more than a half million (500,000) more nurses in the upcoming ten years.

All this means that nurses should enjoy almost unprecedented job security for the foreseeable future.

OR nurse photo

And, the salaries are attractive too, with the median nursing salary now at about $66,000 a year and rising. Those with graduate degrees or certain specialties, and those willing to travel for short term assignments can earn considerably more.

Like most other professional degrees, a degree in nursing requires commitment. It also requires willingness to accept academic challenges like courses in chemistry and anatomy and physiology, as well as the rigors of hands-on clinical training in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Fortunately, because of the skyrocketing demand for nurses, nursing programs are offered at colleges everywhere, and it is now even possible to earn an online degree in nursing.