Utah Colleges

Utah Colleges

Utah Schools – Accredited

Utah has one of the fastest growing state populations, yet there are still no more than 3 million residents in the entire state. Most, an estimated 80%, live in an area called the Wasatch (Mountain) Front, which includes the cities of Salt Lake City, Provo, West Valley City, West Jordan and Ogden. Most of the state colleges and universities, not surprisingly, are located in the same region.

Utah, with almost 1.8 members of the LDS (Mormon) church, is the home of Brigham Young University, named after the Brigham Young, the 30 year leader of the religious group, and the founder of Salt Lake City, where the main campus of the university is located.

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Additional, far smaller, campuses are in Idaho and Hawaii. In establishing the academy that evolved into BYU, Young’s stated intention was to create an educational institution without “pernicious atheistic influences”.

Along with BYU, the University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University, Western Governors University, and Westminster College are probably the best know higher education institutions in the Beehive State. The University of Utah, often ranked as a top 50 university, currently enrolls about 32,000 students and includes a law school and the single medical school in the state. Weber State University serves about 26,000 students, including many enrolled in the more than 150 online courses they offer. Although an open admissions university, Weber boasts a medical school admission rate significantly higher than the national average.

Utah State University has grown to about 28,000 enrolees, perhaps as a function of offering a wide range of undergraduate programs, nearly 100 master’s degree programs, and close to 40 doctoral degrees. Westminster College, with just 2,300 students, is the generally thought to be the most highly regarded independent college in the state, and Western Governors University is thought by many to be one of the most (and lowest priced) online colleges in the nation.

Traditional Colleges In Utah

Brigham Young University

  • Site – www.byu.edu
  • Phone – 801-378-2507
  • Admissions – admissions@byu.edu
  • Financial Aid – financial_aid@byu.edu

Dixie College

  • Site – www.dixie.edu
  • Phone – 888 GO-Dixie
  • Admissions – Roos@dixie.edu
  • Financial Aid – finaid@dixie.edu

Southern Utah University

  • Site – www.suu.edu
  • Phone – 435-586-7740
  • Admissions – tour@suu.edu
  • Financial Aid – mitchie@suu.edu

University of Utah

  • Site – www.utah.edu
  • Phone – 800-685-8856
  • Admissions – u-info@sa.utah.edu
  • Financial Aid – fawin1@sa.utah.edu

Utah State University

  • Site – www.usu.edu
  • Phone – 800-488-8108
  • Admissions – Admit@usu.edu
  • Financial Aid – na

Weber State University

  • Site – www.weber.edu
  • Phone – 800-848-7770
  • Admissions – admissions@weber.edu
  • Financial Aid – finaid@weber.edu

Westminster College

  •  Site – www.westminstercollege.edu
  • Phone – 800-748-4753
  • Admissions – admission@westminstercollege.edu
  • Financial Aid – finaid@westminstercollege.ed

Utah Community Colleges

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College of Eastern Utah/Utah State University

  • Site – www.ceu.edu
  • Address – 451 E 400 N, Price, UT 84501
  • Phone – (435) 613-5000

Latter-Day Saints Business College

  • Site – www.ldsbc.edu
  • Address – 95 300 North Panther Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
  • Phone – (801) 524-8100

Salt Lake Community College

  • Site – www.slcc.edu
  • Address – 4600 Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84123
  • Phone – (801) 957-7522

Snow College

  • Site – www.snow.edu
  • Address – 150 College Ave. Ephraim, Utah 84627
  • Phone – 435.283.7000

UT Vocational, Career, And Trade Colleges

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University of Phoenix

Stevens Henager College

University of Phoenix


Ameritech College


Salt Lake City

Argosy University

DeVry University

Eagle Gate College

Everest College

Keller Graduate School of Management

Stevens Henager College


University of Phoenix

Upper Limit Aviation

Utah College of Massage Therapy

Eagle Gate College

Utah Career College



Eagle Gate College

Utah Career College



Ameritech College

Provo CollegeStevens Henager College

University of Phoenix

St. George


Keller Graduate School of Management

Utah Career College

West Jordan


Utah College of Massage Therapy


Mountain Air Helicopters

Utah State University- Aviation

West Valley City

Everest College

Online Colleges in Utah

Among Western states, Utah has relatively few colleges and universities. However, what schools that do exist in the state commonly well-ranked. This includes schools offering online degree programs as well. There are 23 colleges in the state that offer accredited online degree programs and certificate programs. Most of the best programs among these are found at the state’s public institutions. Utah’s schools recognized the need and desire for distance learning long before many other states. According to a 2012 study from the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 20% of the state’s students enrolled in Title IV institutions are taking their degrees fully online. This number exceeds most other states in the West.

Prospective students interested in taking an online degree program from a postsecondary school in Utah may want to consider the following institutions: Western Governors University, Utah State University, Weber State University, Southern Utah University, Brigham-Young University, Southern Utah University, and the University of Utah. As a state with extremely affordable public institutions, prospective students will find that attaining a degree in Utah will be friendly on the wallet as well. Utah State University, for example, offers online degree programs for around $6,000 for in-state students, and around $18,000 for out-of-state students. Southern Utah University offers degrees for similar tuition rates. Meanwhile, the state’s private institutions offer online degrees at impressively low tuition rates as well. Brigham Young University offers tuition at a low rate around $5,000 annually. Western Governors University offers tuition rates of around $6,000 a year.

Western Governors University offers a very wide range of degree programs for prospective students. Interestingly, the university runs a separate Online Teachers College, offering Bachelor’s degrees, Post-Baccalaureate licenses and Master’s degrees for those seeking licensure and those already licensed to teach. There university also maintains online colleges for Business, Information Technology, and Health Professions. Prospective students interested in education will primarily find Bachelor’s degree programs in the sciences available, including Geosciences (5-12), Biological Science (5-12), Physics (5-12) and Chemistry (5-12). Special Education for K-12 and Mathematics for elementary and high school students are also attainable through the university’s online system. Outside of the education field, there are many different and unique programs that prospective students can explore. These include Business degrees in Healthcare Management and Information Technology Management, technology industry degrees in Information Technology-Security, Health Informatics and Information Security and Assurance. Health Informatics, Nursing-Leadership and Management and Nursing-Education are also available, among many other degree options.

Those wishing to explore their distance education options at one of the state’s public institutions may want to consider Utah State University. The school is ranked well on the U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings. It sits at #13 for Best Online Bachelor’s Programs and #13 for Best Online Graduate Education Programs. While many individual courses are available through the online system, there are a good number of degree programs available as well. Bachelor’s degree programs available include those in Agribusiness, Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education, Family Life Studies, Liberal Arts, Economics, Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology. Master’s degree programs are available in Career and Technical Education Human resources, Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Natural Resources and Technical Communication.