EXTREMELY college scholarships Area 51 Memes – REACTION

EXTREMELY college scholarships Area 51 Memes – REACTION

what’s up guys this your friendly neighborhood reactor JP before we start the video make sure to smash the like button share this video all over the interwebs and most importantly subscribe to join me on my quest for subscribe if I reach 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year I will personally buy and give away three Nintendo switch lights to three lucky college scholarships through a random selection of course so you have to subscribe for your chance to win so if that said roll the tape oh shit it’s a sonic kid he’s back actual footage of area 51 right I want to see some actual footage over there – 51 right cuz I only heard about this thing like a couple days ago and

I was like really people are a while in these days we have to pick it up at Crate & Bailey another one Secret Service agent and your dumb asses for the 50-day fuckin diviner sounds are here okay get the point it’s the other one I’m gonna step foot on the base [Music] was in there I remember this scene from Walking Dead they got sprayed I wonder if there really are aliens and their area 51 there does that be crazy if the government is like keeping them from us strike scary aliens and then Thursday school let the foot oh shit these are funny [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh just naming this movie again I forgot the name of it whenever actually wants it before either

I saw the poster shit [Music] [Applause] oh shit I wouldn’t do it that shit real man like you makeover thing you’ll never come back we’ve wait I will fight in the guards I remember seeing this video couple days ago oh my god that’s funny Cochise is there any accident not probably not because that footage will never make it out whatever sit there record it we’ll make it up hey cuz back what was that experience like of those like I damn that’s my stuff hey read past me to kiss them BAM I looked through the toe knife recently my nigga run to the front dope how about I

start shooting bow shot then nigga so that soldier boy I didn’t like his run out the door they run out the dope is nigga on hello [Laughter] [Music] the Avengers really [Music] [Music] you know there’s really aliens and I put the one that is some mind-blowing shit [Music] we’ll be chained our [Music] [Music] maybe they are alien brothers what the hell am I [Music] but must remailers we’re in any danger because people go [Music]