How to Get college scholarships to Study Abroad without IELTS or TOEFL – Part 3

How to Get college scholarships to Study Abroad without IELTS or TOEFL – Part 3

okay so now let’s talk about from getting into these opportunities applying for them and all that what are the first on scholarship what are the common requirements that students needs to meet to be able to access these opportunities okay we are looking at the opportunity is good to read information about the opportunities very well okay so most of the mistakes we make these knots are assuming some things or not finding out actually what so read the application requirements when I meet these requirements okay so read then the most of the requirements are for scholarships are centered around the academic requirements you academic qualifications okay college scholarships requesting faith –

one is requested for two – just know the minimum academic requirements then documentation what documents are you expected to provide in order to prove that you meets the requirements then eligibility some scholarships specific to the five most scholarships have countries or lists on countries every within a country may be states or regions yeah apply it so just know courses of study as well seas of study that why you have to move is a must as scholarship what cause give you the graduates that’s okay so a lot of what I requirement so just try and you know like in my own case the scholarship I got was a PG DF scholarship patronum develop technology development funds yeah it was actually a fund created by the federal government’s many years ago as at that time the problem was at the idea the shortage of modern age look I’m on power for the Nigerian by industry the for the expertise was mainly based on those foreigners dominated the core professionals okay so does does why the fund was created to give Nigerians darling free to be able to take over or

I be able to partake in so that would not just be deep so that was why it was created and utter the requirements was your academic qualification you had to submit your what your transcripts okay that’s a very very crucial then the other ones we are was to prove that way well major are you from so it means blue comet and identification letter from maybe caught up with a v8 and so many other things so is every scholarship is not the same it’s not this year but generally your needs your transcript if is a master’s scholarship yeah then there’s some scholarships required that you have must have admission already by your kids did you have admission before you got in scholarship I got a scholarship first and then the University sometimes they do some have some requirements for admission or if it’s the university is offering you scholarships they have some requirements so those requirements are merely your transcripts now sometimes English language let’s talk about the English language these is a bit tricky and dependent on the countries and the universities okay so generally for most UK universities although sometimes the aesthetics that unit IITs really the flow of English language so you need to look at information and look at what country are you from okay if we are from an english-speaking country in Africa chances are that you don’t need English tests (IELTS)to study in the UK University so there is something you need to find out from the University you can color the university to find out do you require a diving where thoughts in it like him Lucas I didn’t do any English test so I found out

okay that I can get a letter from any of my lecturers proving that I was taught in English language and in Nigeria now ed cassia is in English English is the official language and I don’t think he makes sense that you don’t your primary secondary university education is English someone is still telling you to do it pace before you can study it makes sense so but you know the requirements are based on each investor so you need to find out from the investor so if it’s a core requirement that you need to do the test okay because that is a very common question that people ask about if they really need to take English test before they can apply for scholarship and the takeaway there is that it depends on the country are going to and that you see that I think I requirement does not necessarily mean that you have to provide it sometimes what it means is I need to prove

we are taught in English most of your education and somehow that may tell you where you can do you write it emotionally find the test once you’ve done basic English in Nigeria yeah primary second risk we can pass a test the tests are mainly for maybe Chinese English is not the official on weight or people that English is not the official language just learning basic English okay all right