Online Degree Program Success Stories

Online Degree Program Success Stories

Online degree programs offer students the unique opportunity to earn a degree from home. From busy, working moms and dads to recent high school graduates, online learning provides the flexibility needed to succeed. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, the demand for online learning opportunities is more significant than ever. Online Degree Program Success Stories can also motivate you to pursue your degree online.

As more employers happily embrace candidates with online degrees, online learning is full of potential with the right institution. While there is some debate about the value of online degree programs, these success stories speak for themselves.

Story 1: Online Business Degree Takes Mom from Assistant to Boss

Carlisha Moore, wife and mother of two from Dacula, Georgia, climbed the ladder of success recently with the help of an online college and online degree program. Climbing from administrative assistant to the management track, an online business management degree program paved the way for career advancement. Despite her busy work and family life, this hardworking mom set out to earn her bachelor’s degree while juggling full-time employment, family, and marriage.

Moore was recently spotted giving a speech at Western Governors University in their commencement ceremony. Thanks to her hard work and an online degree program, Moore spoke proudly about what it means to have earned her degree. When asked for advice to new students pursuing an online degree, Moore stated, “If you are self-motivated, go for it!”

Story 2: The Farmer with the Advanced Degree

Mr. Sudhakar of India worked in farming with his family, living well below the poverty level as a boy. After turning 18, he was able to use distance learning to earn an advanced degree online. Soon after, he became a well-respected journalist. Later, he completed his undergraduate program at Kakatiya University online and became a reporter with the Eanaadu daily newspaper.

Once an intermediate dropout, Sudhakar seized every opportunity he could. As a bounty of new opportunities arose, he furthered his education more, earning a bachelor’s in communication and journalism. According to Sudhakar himself, he never would have left the agricultural world without online degree programs.

Story 3: Finance Employee Advances Career Online

Dianna Searles was working in a successful finance position when she decided she wanted more for her career. Working at PNC Bank in Kalamazoo, Michigan, she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Because Searles would have to quit her job to attend traditional classes, Searles realized that online learning was the only way to attain her advancement goals. With her determination and the University of Phoenix human services management online degree program, she earned her degree at her pace.

The course and workload for Searles’ program were demanding; however, her courses’ flexibility allowed her success. With 17 years on the job, the University of Phoenix allowed Dianna to advance her career by studying from home on her schedule. While it took Searles a whole lot of self-discipline and determination, she found online learning to be a blessing.

Story 4: Changing the World One Degree at a Time

Russell Stokes was a fresh communication graduate from Arkansas State in the late ’90s. Quickly after graduation, Stokes got a job working with RadioShack. While advertising was fun, Stokes realized he had a greater purpose and decided to take on the world. With kids, a wife, and a career, online learning was the only way for Stokes to achieve his goals. In pursuance of a master’s degree in science, Russell returned to Arkansas State—however, this time, he did it online.

As an advanced placement coordinator and instructional specialist for the curriculum department at Jonesboro Public Schools, Stokes is now able to help students that have difficulty learning. While it took him a while to get comfortable teaching, he has now successfully fulfilled that role for over 20 years.

Story 5: Pennsylvania Native Goes from Serving the Country to Public Service

Isaac White was not motivated in high school, frequently hitting the snooze button in the morning. Eventually, oversleeping through his SATs, White was not thrilled about continuing his education and decided to join the army. Stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, he served a year in Iraq between 2004 and 2005, working as a medic. Being that White is colorblind, there were only two jobs he was allowed to do in the army. During this time, he ultimately learned how to save lives, which ultimately led him to realize his passion in life—helping people.

After serving in the Army, Isaac White decided to go on to public service. Realizing the problems we face as a nation, he shifted his focus toward our nation’s big problems. After four years of enlistment, White earned his bachelor’s in arts and political science from Edinboro University. Soon after, he realized the only way to advance in his desired field was to earn an MPA. With work and a family, the online degree program at A-State made it possible to reach new heights.

Online Degree Programs Prove Valuable for Many

In an everchanging world, new ways to work and attend school are gaining traction. While online learning is not a new concept, it has more potential than ever before. No matter the degree you wish to pursue, there are hundreds of reputable online colleges with top-notch degree programs. In the end, online learning allows you to be successful on your schedule.