[Music] what’s a royal family issue your majesty and today I’m here doing a little bit something different I happened to come across this one day and I saw that people were making videos doing scratch offs and I enjoy doing scratch also I said let me get us a try so today I got six tickets here one is called $1.00 ticket the other one is called cash for college scholarships hundreds and other one is called coral 7 so I got two of each so what we’re gonna do I want to play this cool service first so the rules it is is to get three sevens in the same row column in or diagonal one win the prize shown so as you can see if I get it straight down I’ll get a dollar two dollars five dollars or

if I get it across is $10 $20 $50 or $100 so let’s see what we can get this is so weird that’s another seven six oh that’s another seven Oh let’s take hopefully I’ll get some that’s a seven right there Oh there go another seven oh my gosh oh my gosh oh no nothing nothing that is sad very sad so yeah another one right here shot again so that’s a one we’re gonna go straight down this time no six okay that’s it so far hmm can’t do nothing with that that’s in the middle another seven another seven okay here goes another seven I got five dollars five dollars oh I’m so happy okay and what I do once I win I go ahead and scratch this off the barcode so

I can oh so winning ticket alright so here goes a one dollar lottery ticket all right guys so in this game it says get up a money stack simple when the prize shown top pays is $3,000 so let’s start right it oh my gosh what is it nope okay that’s nothing see no that’s nothing again that’s not nothing nothing alright guys so what I got was a horseshoe crown a ring a rainbow a Sun and a lemon nowhere close to money back so let’s put that over here and lost power then let’s get us another one okay all right same ticket let’s see what you get got a crown here we got a crown we got another Sun another lemon a key in some grapes gosh darn it nothing at all alright so let’s play the cash one hundreds and this says match any of your numbers to the winning number one pressure on get a hundred symbol win a hundred dollars instantly what I could win

a hundred dollars instantly okay so let’s scratch off the winning number remember tip and my numbers are I got it too let’s keep going home this ain’t right okay that’s well shelter’s I know I need your notes in twice okay so let’s keep going finish off down here let go a six that’s a nine and that’s that’s another – what okay you see what I won one dollar okay okay two dollars I won three dollars oh my gosh look I want three dollars yeah all right so like I said I scratched off this down here Oh whack and I got a winner ticket okay so far so good let’s do

our last one all right so let’s get off our way number one I win number is 1 we got a three we gotta we got a six right there without a six got another three we’ve got a team and we got us another two all right dad all right guys I hope you like comment subscribe if you like these and this I play the Arkansas Lottery scratch-off sorry guys five dollars plus 3/8 I got $8 okay guys oh yeah I still want to take you for yourself