A Place for Mom college scholarships Video

A Place for Mom college scholarships Video

hi there my name is Lia and this is my good friend Harriet Harriet and I have known each other for a little over a year now and we met through a volunteer program called the respite and Companion program that pairs volunteers with elderly adults who are experiencing some sort of isolation we meet for a couple hours every week and my college scholarships with Harriet has been such a blessing to me she’s taught me so many life lessons including the importance of having a giving heart she has spent basically her entire life volunteering Harriet can you talk about

why helping others is important to you I think I was just meant to help others it works both ways it helps me to think I’m trying to be of help just someone needs and Harriet tells me all the time how she’s left such a good life and I’ve seen how so many of her good experiences were born out of her desire to help others so in short she’s taught me that when you got of your way to do something good all of that good comes back to you even more and I believe that I’ll use this lesson daily in my future career as a geriatrician I think that the best physicians are the

ones who view their job as a position of service rather than just another career and I hope to make a conscious effort every day to serve my patients to the best of my abilities with a heart of service and giving like Harriet has taught me to have I know it’s not always easy but by following Harriet’s example I’ll be able to keep in mind that all of the good that

I pour into people will come back to me I’ve already experienced some of the wonderful rewards of giving my time to others through my friendship with Harriet and I’m excited to continue to have meaningful relationships with elderly adults throughout my career