DirecTV to Comcast Conversion college scholarships

DirecTV to Comcast Conversion college scholarships

well good morning started a little project here that I thought might be worth a youtube video this morning what we’re doing is we’re converting our video service from DirecTV – comcast TV – and the price of the quality we’re kind of going in college scholarships directions and so I that is price up quality down this is our video and data center here and in the into place and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna convert it out right here it was the Direct TV multiswitch where all the leads are coming from the the satellite up on the roof and so we just disc in

this these were where it went up to for distribution into the various rooms where the satellite boxes were so we’re taking those off we’re putting in an eight-way eight way splitter here this is the feed from a Comcast service from the outside because I had Comcast service for Internet so we’re we don’t have to do a whole lot with that that was already here so we’re gonna convert that these are the video feeds and we’ll go on here and then we’ll install the new the new modem up here and connected to our wireless router and then go install all the boxes so we’re gonna make a new coax cord here I don’t like to have a lot of extra junk laying around in terms of extra cords and things like extra cord lengths and things of that nature so to make a little needle take

our stripper here punch that in to the stop take it around like that a few times to cut good and that put the end on it okay push that on perfect yeah that’s good now we’ll put it on the and the tool here to press that on and there we go we’re good to go we got a nice compression fitting on there we’ll put that back back up and connect the modem well it’s probably a good thing I didn’t have the Comcast guy come and do the install for this because he probably would have passed out or or wanted to see a psychiatrist because this is only this is all the stuff I removed from one of the set-top box locations and as you can see I had quite a bit of stuff cobbled together here and here’s the other location now believe it or not all of that stuff was stuffed into that cabinet

there and behind it what have you and like I say good thing the Comcast guy wasn’t here well welcome back we’re gonna give you the final rundown on how this project turned out we’ve got everything all button back up everything throughout the house is working good and I’ve got everything nice and neat here we did have to make one little change I think in one of the earlier earlier in the video I showed that I was using this 8 way splitter to bring the the cable in and distribute it out and one of the cable boxes was had a little bit of a problem and so Comcast came out and the guy found out using some of those testing equipment that the signals weren’t being distributed evenly it means among all the boxes and what-have-you so he put in an

amplifier and a different splitter here this device right here and that seemed to correct everything and that we’re all back on the straight and narrow now got my got the modem up there working properly on the left where the telephone comes in as well and then the the Wi-Fi access plant and router it is on the right and it’s working properly so we’re all good to go I hope you all enjoyed the video