Fin Aid For International Students college scholarships

Fin Aid For International Students college scholarships

so the process of applying for aid for international students is not dissimilar as for domestic students the one notable exception of course is that international applicants do not have to submit the FAFSA okay the Free Application for Federal Student Aid but all of the other components are comparable and the commitment is the same so again no matter your country of birth citizenship or residence if you’re applying to if you’re applying to Yale you should rest assured that if you’re admitted he s going to be accessible to you and so what that’s going to look like in terms of support is that Yale remains actually now one of only a handful literally of institutions college scholarships across the United States that meet the full demonstrated need for all international students as well as domestic students and that is you know significant commitment on our part so the idea is that across

the country and around the world we want to attract and enroll the best and the brightest regardless of socioeconomic income or background and so we are going to approach the selection process in a need-blind fashion that is not disadvantaging students who are applying for aid not concerned with their ability to pay but more concerned with their personal potential their academic achievement and their contribution potential contribution to campus and then once we identify those students that we want to invite to join the class and to help shape the community we’re going to guarantee to meet a hundred percent of that demonstrated need and that commitment will hold true from the first and who gets in off an early action so the last one

who gets enough of the waitlist and that commitment will extend not just their first year but all four years of their undergraduate experience international students are considered an important part of the CL undergraduate experience and we’re going to make it reasonable and accessible to them as well so I think applying as an international student and knowing that Yale was going to be neat blind and both provide the FloorMate made me confident that I wasn’t going to be judged based off of my background but that when I kind of was admitted Yale it was really because I was you know a part of the class just like everybody else and my ability to pay did not contribute to that and so just coming onto campus that definitely made me and feel like a bigger part of the community the international community here is not just really large but also really diverse and I think that’s a real product of just the application and financial aid process what’s also

nice about kind of the package for international students is as an international student you are allowed to work on campus that’s as part of your visa and so you’re able to still kind of get the access to a student job and here is really great at ensuring that international students get the jobs that they need on campus because they can’t work off-campus and so that’s it was a real commitment that through the office of international scholars and students