NCAA Core Calculator college scholarships

NCAA Core Calculator college scholarships

everybody AJ over death let excursive corporation WWF let Excalibur Corp comm today we’re going to talk about a follow-up to last week’s video last week we talked about the first step in the recruiting process if you’re a freshman sophomore junior whatever year you are in that you have to go fill out the NCAA eligibility center paperwork because you have to be cleared and deemed eligible by the NCAA to compete in any NCAA sports regardless if you get a college scholarships or not also the NAIA has a similar platform that if they get qualified through also so you want to visit that also but for today’s purpose we’re gonna go over the NCAA’s process since they do govern the largest amount of colleges and universities in the country the rules for 2016 and going forward have been dramatically overhauled and it’s tougher to be eligible so what they’re trying to

prohibit is student athletes slacking off and not taking their major core courses and then finding out their senior year they’re not going to be eligible so you guys load up your classes and coursework what they’re doing now is making you take the approved courses and NCAA core courses your math your sciences you’re reading those sorts of things they kind of think they staged it where you take it by semesters and and so many by a year you can’t just load everything up your senior year so for this example we’re gonna go the NCAA and actually figure out how to find your school code how to get in touch the right people to calculate or get

help calculate yet we do that for our clients so your best bet because your coaches your administration those folks are always busy is to call our office have your parents call us since you’re a minor student-athlete we would recommend that your parent call us you can cost but ultimately we’re gonna want to talk to your parents the number to call to get help with this core course calculator or overall any questions you may have or actually get help with marketing getting film put together getting mail put out getting your name out across the country call 702 605 four seven nine four again 702 605 four seven nine four so I went to NCAA org I’m going to student athletes tab and then I’m going to click want to play in college sports we’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna look for underneath student athlete pages core courses you’re gonna see academic requirement links Division

two requirements but for today’s demonstration we’re going to click NCAA core courses now you can either go to your guidance counselor or your athletic director and find your high school code it might be a little bit easier and time efficient for you to either call us or look for it on your own okay and then the high school is found one here so we’re gonna click it it’s gonna give us the NCAA high school code so that’s we’re gonna enter when we go back ultimately it gives you the contact of who you should or your parents should contact their phone number their email address that administrates this program with the NCAA so they’re probably the one most armed with the information or could help you the more efficient rate again we have the calculators and software already at our offices so as a client we can calculate and give you access to login and do all the things that the administrators do but if you don’t want to hire anybody to help this would be a good tool to start with so when you look down here you’re going to see all the different additional core courses weighted courses and approved courses so you go down the list and you basically look at

what courses you have against this and then you go back and look at the calculator and figure out that an a is worth five and and so forth so you go in on a list but there’s a formula to it so you’re gonna need a little help this video is going to help you simplify and get the ball rolling and get the right resources so you definitely want to look up your school find the rate contact folks or contact us at 7:02 605 four seven nine four again 702 605 four seven nine four if you go to google and in NCAA Eligibility calculator you’re gonna get some PDFs or documents that will give you the formula so if you have a calculator you can figure it out but

you don’t want to make a mistake on this this is a big deal so seek help either call us or go to your ministry that you see under your high school if you don’t find them looking at using the high school lookup tool then go to your athletic director go to your coach go to somebody and get an answer don’t just wait around for them to come back and help you you’ll be a senior and it’ll be too late so hopefully this helped you out and understanding the next step of figuring out now that you’ve done the NCAA Eligibility Center you need to figure out what you got to take so we’ll see you guys next week and I’m glad we can help you out